"I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am."

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"Dear whoever you might be, I’m still waiting patiently."

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"Your mind fascinates me. If it were a visual thing, it would be so many moving colors, each spinning on its own and amongst each other. Your thoughts interwine with complexity and ease, but there are spots of tangled thoughts and emotions, some so tangled that they terrify you, yet when you begin to sort them, they reveal new colors and patterns you never expected. The entire gets even more wonderful through them."

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if you’re ever proud of me and say ‘that’s my girl’ I can guarantee my heart will melt into a little puddle of happiness 

T-minus 20 days until camp.

"Too many women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that."

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"Does my name pass through your mind when it’s 3 am and you’re wide awake?"

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"And my scars told a story that one day you would read, making a journey into my past that I had hated for so long; You would highlight your favorite parts, weep in my heartbreaking moments. I hope to read your story as well, adding it to my list of masterpieces that I hold dear to my heart… And when we have read each others stories, we would start our own story; one that our children and children’s children would read and fall in love with."

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I love being horribly straightforward. I love sending reckless text messages (because how reckless can a form of digitized communication be?) and telling people I love them and telling people they are absolutely magical humans and I cannot believe they really exist. I love saying, “Kiss me harder,” and “You’re a good person,” and, “You brighten my day.” I live my life as straight-forward as possible.

Because one day, I might get hit by a bus.

Maybe it’s weird. Maybe it’s scary. Maybe it seems downright impossible to just be—to just let people know you want them, need them, feel like, in this very moment, you will die if you do not see them, hold them, touch them in some way whether its your feet on their thighs on the couch or your tongue in their mouth or your heart in their hands.

But there is nothing more beautiful than being desperate.

And there is nothing more risky than pretending not to care.

We are young and we are human and we are beautiful and we are not as in control as we think we are. We never know who needs us back. We never know the magic that can arise between ourselves and other humans.

We never know when the bus is coming.